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Open Question: i want this tattoo but i dont want to completely copy it. help me make it unique ?
so i want this tattoo heres the link to tattoo http://inkbitetattoos.deviantart.com/art/Pain-is-Temporary-176440052 i dont want to completely copy this tattoo how can i make it different and uniqu
Open Question: Facial tattoos... WTF?
Open Question: How bad does my tattoo look?
It's a home tattoo, (big mistake) I just wanted to know if i over criticize it or it's really shit. I have others professionally done, this one's getting fixed soon. I just want honest opinions fro
Open Question: How bad does my tattoo look?
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=izua37&s=5 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2w562vr&s=5 And in my Avi are the only ones where I can find a decent looking shot of it. It says with hope comes faith,
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Comments made by Killbot
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Killbot Killbot 2010-10-28 Killbot tattoo
Cool! It's true - only the strong survive. You can be just like Mike Vick and drown the weak ones. Or hang them. Or electrocute them. I envy you. My dogs just hang around, being happy, friendly and getting loved.
Killbot Killbot 2010-09-30 Killbot tattoo
Who DOESN'T love white trash?! COME ON!
Killbot Killbot 2010-09-08 Killbot tattoo
Maybe add a horrified tiger trainer on the other side?
Killbot Killbot 2010-08-25 Killbot tattoo
Killbot Killbot 2010-08-19 Killbot tattoo
Is that supposed to be '7 9 2?' Or 1992, perhaps? I've never seen that numeral.
Killbot Killbot 2010-08-13 Killbot tattoo
Nice. Doesn't matter. When you go through it, whatever has meaning to you is meaningful. If you haven't gone through it or something like it, move on.
On the other hand...maybe the book caused it? I'm not reading it, just in case. :)
Killbot Killbot 2010-08-04 Killbot tattoo
Just an FYI: You are definitely going to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Nice cross, though. :)
Killbot Killbot 2010-07-28 Killbot tattoo
I'm a vegetarian. I see an artichoke. It's a cute artichoke. Made out of dolphins. Now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot.
Killbot Killbot 2010-07-28 Killbot tattoo
The birds could be pecking at a small man who's sliding into your cleavage?
Actually, I always liked rose vines, if you're going to do any work on the breasts.
Killbot Killbot 2010-07-20 Killbot tattoo
Not to beat a dead horse here but 'small boobs' and/or breast reduction is definitely a sin. Sorry! I don't make the rules! Read your bibles, people - then add that to the list, please. I'll wait.
Also, I like your idea. Very nicely done.
Killbot Killbot 2010-07-20 Killbot tattoo
I don't mean to be crude, but you forgot 'big boobs.' If ever there was a virtue that has been over-looked for far too long, that is it. OK, technically, it's not a 'virtue.' It's an attribute. Semantics! I still like big boobs.
Killbot Killbot 2010-06-14 Killbot tattoo
Fucking butterfly. No, literally. I'm f'ing a butterfly!
Killbot Killbot 2010-06-10 Killbot tattoo
Nuthin says 'quality' like swastika on the leg.
Killbot Killbot 2010-06-07 Killbot tattoo
'DNVTSN?' Oh, it's upside down. Never mind.
Killbot Killbot 2010-05-28 Killbot tattoo
James Hollingworth? I would not have known that one, off-hand. That's a good choice. Do you have plans for anything around it or are you moving on to your back?

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